[TOP NOTCH] Web Development Courses for 2019 (Free & Paid)

Web development means creating websites, developing and maintaining functions. So, this term includes web design, web publishing, web programming and database management. This area has been on the rise for a long time and Web Development courses are also available for free or paid. Want to be a professional, full stack Web Developer in 2019?

Although the terms Web Developer and Web Designer are used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. Technically, a web designer simply designs web site interfaces using HTML and CSS. A web developer can take part in designing a website, but can also write web scripts in languages ​​such as PHP and ASP. In addition, a web developer can help protect and update a database used by a dynamic website. In this context, I will explain the Web Development trends of 2019 and of course I will share the courses you need.

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Best Web Development Courses for 2019

Web Development Trends for 2019

web development trends 2019

Web Development trends changes every year compared to last year and of course, these changes are also important for web developers. First of all, let’s start by explaining these trends, and then we propose free and paid web development courses that includes these trends.


All improvements to users and search engine spiders to access a web page and to reduce the time required for the content to be generated are called site speed optimization. Today, the most important feature of a website is the speed rather than design. A late-opened, slow web page may cause the user to leave that page and point to another website, and in other searches, to opt out of that site.

With mobile searches surpassing the number of desktop searches, good site speed performance is one of the main factors that have a positive impact on user experience, especially on mobile devices with limited Internet access. In addition, site speed optimization is one of the most important improvements that website managers have to make, as Google considers the site speed to be a ranking signal and advertises the page-opening speed on mobile searches as a ranking factor. With learn web design online free courses, you will be able to develop web pages quickly.

Mobile Friendly Pages

First, before the Apple iPhone was released to the market in 2007, marketers were asking the question: “What should my mobile strategy be like?” One thing is certain: the mobile web is now permanent.

A report published by BI intellegence in recent years includes predictions for 2020. According to the report, smartphone usage will reach 3.5 billion level by 2020 worldwide. Users also continue to focus on mobile devices as the primary Internet access source. In fact, Google said last year that Google searches would be more than desktop searches in 10 countries, including the US and Japan.

So, now you need to think about mobile while doing web development and online web development courses give you what you need. But you have to practice a lot!

Chatbots and Machine Learning

Many of us have used live chat service while shopping at least once in our lives or gathering information about a service, and we have doubted whether the person we are chatting with is a robot. Like the brutal artificial intelligence robots we often encounter in Hollywood’s high-budget films, Chatbots can respond almost as human beings, their conversations are a bit odd, short and sometimes unintelligible, but they save our day.

Even though we don’t like it or not; Chatbots now live in our digital world and have no intention of going. In recent years, with the development of big splashes and natural language processing (NLP) technologies in the field of machine learning, chatbots have become very useful and popular among brands. Moreover, today’s ChatBots are smarter, faster and more useful than their first examples. In the coming years, it is highly probable that we will see chatbots in more competent positions in the digital world.

Many Web Development Classes provide you with introductory courses on Machine Learning, but if you want to become an expert web developer; my advice is to buy a Machine Learning course.

Voice Search

In recent years, voice search engines have become quite popular. Since the end of 2014, 55% of US youth and 41% of adults use more than two voice searches per day. In particular, digital assistants make this trend more rapidly. This technology was launched for the first time with Siri, but now we are able to take advantage of Google Voice Search, Alexa and many other voice recognition technologies. It would not be surprising to guess that in 2020, half of the searches would turn into a voice searches. Therefore, Web developers should also give importance to the question of voice search.


JavaScript was created in September 1995 by Brandan Eich, a Netscape employee, in 10 days. His name was originally Mocha, and the name of the language was called LiveScript, which was later called Mona and then without JavaScript. The first versions of the language were specifically Netscape-specific and had limited functionality, but over time it continued to grow with the help of the developer community.

In 1996, JavaScript was officially named ECMAScript, and ECMAScript 2 came in 1998, and ECMAScript 3 in 1999. This has evolved into today’s JavaScript and has been working not only on different browsers but also on different devices such as mobile and desktop computers.

JavaScript has continued to grow since then and as of 2016, 92% of websites have started using JavaScript. In just 20 years, he was able to become the most popular language in the world. If you are using the Internet, you have always faced JavaScript. Javascript is among the trends in 2019 and many systems such as Node.JS and Angular continue to be built using Javascript. You can see Node.js and Angular topics on many web development courses.


The number of websites now found in millions, the main source for accessing content was the Internet. Those who want to make an exceptional web application and web site prefer PHP. Featuring a wide range of features, this versatile and ingenious scripting language makes web pages interactive and vivid. This language, which has many features, makes it possible to add many functions to the sites.

The time it takes to make a website is a valuable investment. The process of creating a dynamic web site with PHP is much easier and faster than other programming languages. In 2019, it will be one of the most widely used web development languages. You can find detailed information about PHP in many complete web development courses.

Best Web Development Courses for 2019

best web development courses online

Web Development is a fairly large area. For this reason, there are many subfields in this area. First of all, let’s list the best courses you can learn everything about Web Development. However, I must mention that in addition to these courses, you may need to purchase several courses in some sub-areas.

For example, it is impossible for you to learn Javascript in an hour, but a 72-hour Javascript course can teach you everything about it.

Full Stack Web Developer Courses

The Full Stack Web Development Courses often contain short narratives on all topics. After you finish these courses, you can have Web Development Certification, but you shouldn’t forget that you need to practice a lot and I recomment you buy more courses on spesific topics like Node.js, Angular, Bootstrap…

The Web Developer Bootcamp (81% OFF)

The Web Developer Bootcamp, one of Udemy’s best Web Development training courses, was prepared by Colt Steele. In this course, updated according to the technologies of 2019, you will learn to think like a developer and you will be able to design wonderful websites and develop web applications in a short time.

This course will give you an overview of topics like Javascript, Dom Manipulation, Node.JS, Work with APIs. In addition, he also develops great applications with her students. If you are looking for a comprehensive course about Web Development, you can buy this course at a discounted rate.

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 (81% OFF)

Want an online course where you can design 25 different websites using languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS, MySQL? The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 by Rob Percival is one of the rare courses offering free web development training.

After purchasing this course, you will be able to develop both mobile and web applications in a very short time and will be able to start working in many companies as a Junior Developer.

Rob Percival tells you in detail the topics like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Mobile Apps, Bootstrap, Python. While learning these, you also practice and design 25 different web pages at the end of the course.

Percival says that you don’t need to have a pre-knowledge to buy this course and learn you everything from the beginning. So, yes! This course is one of the best beginner Web Development courses.

Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node (81% OFF)

Have you ever learned anything about Web Development? Then this course is for you. You can learn HTML, CSS, React, Node, Bootstrap and more in this wonderful course by Mark Price. In order to become a Full Stack Web Developer in a short time, this course gives you everything you need.

A total of 30 hours of course, 13 different articles and Web Development Tools are offered to you. You will have a lot of fun in this course, which uses practical learning techniques and more, and will be able to learn web pages quickly.

The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp (93% OFF)

Angela Yu is one of Udemy’s most popular experts, and each course has hundreds of thousands of students. The Complete 2019 Web Development Bootcamp is one of those courses and everything you need to do web development in 2019 is here.

You don’t need to know anything in the beginning to purchase this course, which already has more than 15,000 students and has been published in recent weeks. Angela teaches Web Development skills from the scratch! After explaining the topics like HTML and CSS in detail, you are working together in practical way.

She teaches you Node.js, SQL, MongoDB, jQuery and many 2019 Web Development trends and you can quickly become a full stack developer.

The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery (93% OFF)

The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery by Andrei Neagoie was created specifically for those who wish to become Web Developer but have no knowledge at all. The course, which starts from HTML and continues to difficult subjects such as Node.js, teaches you everything you need from start to expertise. Andre’s fun and friendly approach is one of the factors that will make you love the course. In addition, you can join a great Discord group by purchasing this course.

If you want to be a Web Developer in 2019, I would definitely recommend this course.

The Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap (2019)

This course, prepared by Andrei Neagoie, is for those who already have knowledge about Web Development. He teaches the most popular technologies of 2019 in order to become a Senior Developer.

If you are Junior, but want to go to the next level, you can learn about web security, Docker, code analysis, React, Redux by buying this course.

Best Javascript Courses

best javascript courses online

The question of where I should start is one of the most asked questions by developer candidates who are interested in programming and computer science. The fact that most of the people working in this sector do not give a clear answer to this question reduces the interest of new people and therefore the number of staff who have improved themselves.

I personally think JavaScript is a nice choice for beginner web developers and web development courses. 

JavaScript Essentials 2018 Mini Course (FREE)

If you do not know anything about Javascript before, this course is for you. In 2018 and 2019, you’ll have a great deal of Javascript-related trends, and you’ll have a great introduction to the Vue.js.

Add this course to Udemy library, which is only 3 hours in total and completely free. There are also 12 downloadable materials. Immediately after you’ve finished, you can’t say “I know Javascript” of course; but no doubt you can learn Javascript from scratch.

Javascript Essentials (FREE)

Do you want to javascript from scratch for very beginners with free Javascript course by Lawrence Turton? This course, which is one of the most beautiful beginner web dev courses in Udemy, has more than 127.000+ students. It can certainly be said that one of the best courses to learn how it works, develop mini projects, and learn DOM Manipulation.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2018: Build Real Projects! (81% OFF)

One of the best free and best Javascript training courses: The Complete JavaScript Course 2018: Build Real Projects! Created by Jonas Schmedtmann. If you want to go from beginner to expert level and become a JS dev. with a 28 hour course, you should definitely buy this.

Schmedtmann teaches you variables, boolean logic, if / else, loops, functions, arrays and basics of JS. After these, he also tells modern Javascript and teaches topics like NPM, Webpack, Babel and ES6 modules. At the end of each topic, you will encounter practices and quizzes.

With these courses, you can easily practice what you have learned so that what you have learned becomes permanent in your mind. Therefore, the course also has a great Javascript training event.

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2018)

Would you like to develop real applications with Javascript and learn the language while developing these applications? Andrew Mead gives you 80 programming challenges, 3 real-world applications and many other things like ES6 / ES7. If you see a Javascript code, you can easily understand after this course. And of course, if you want to be a modern JS developer; Andrew is certainly very successful in Modern JS.

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning (76% OFF)

No framework or libraries, do you want to make improvements only with Javascript? So, Brad Traversy’s course with more than 25.000 students is for you. Throughout the course, you will develop exactly 10 different projects and there will be quizzes at the end of each topic.

If you want to learn Javascript patterns, DOM Manipulation, Async JS, ES2015+ etc., this course is still up-to-date in 2019.

Best Angular Courses

best angular courses

Angular is a platform that allows open source software developers to develop easy application in web, mobile and desktop environments. It is also a Front-End Development practice because it is a framework that works on client-side or, more clearly, in environments where users can see and interact (in web browsers). The first version of AngularJS has been published in October 2010 and it has been continuing to be developed by the Google team since then. Here is the best Angular courses for me. You can find Angular episodes in every web development courses.

Angular – Mastering the Basics (FREE)

Want to learn the basics of Angular and make a start? A nice starting course to find out if this language is right for you. This content, prepared by Vishwas Gopinath, is only 4 hours. Within 4 hours, you can learn the basics of Angular and buy an extensive course if you like.

Angular Fast Crash Course (FREE)

Prepared by Edwin Diaz, one of the best free Angular courses: Angular Fast Crash Course. In this course, which lasts only 3.5 hours, you can learn the basics of Angular and see what you can do with Angular in the future.

This course, which was last updated in mid-2018, still contains fresh information.

Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2) – The Complete Guide (81% OFF)

This course, prepared by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, is one of the best Angular course in Udemy. With more than 300,000 students, you will be able to learn Angular from the beginning to the very end and you will soon be able to master this great technology.

Especially in order to develop modern, responsive and dynamic web applications, Angular is one of the most popular languages in recent years. It can be said that the course is in 2019 Best Angular courses with 28 hours of course content and 36 different articles.

You need to know some Javascript before joining this course, that’s all! You can easily learn the beginner level with the free Javascript courses I have shared for you.

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide (78% OFF)

Would you like to make improvements and design applications using both Angular and Node.js? You can become a popular freelancer with two of 2019’s most popular platforms for Web Development.

A great course from Maximilian Schwarzmüller to develop wonderful web applications with Angular and Node, to use frames such as ExpressJS and NodeJS, to understand how Angular works, to work with MongoDB and Mongoose in the database.

You have beginner knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS. Maximilian does the rest!

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced (81% OFF)

Mosh Hamedani is one of Udemy’s best-sellers, and his Angular course is very successful! This course, which I bought, trains you from the beginning to the advanced Angular developer level.

Hamedani offers you all the information you need to become a professional developer, and provides information on how to solve common Angular problems. During the course you can develop real-world applications and practicing at the end of each lesson.

You can buy this course to work together with technologies like Angular, Firebase, Bootstrap and become a professional developer.

Angular Core Deep Dive (with FREE E-Book)

One of the newest courses of the last period is known as Angular Core Deep Dive. This comprehensive and systematic course is being prepared by the Angular University community. It can be said that this course is one of the best in 2019.

The course includes a free e-book and you can learn to develop applications on the platform from the beginning to the advanced level. You can find answers to questions like what is Angular and benefits? Template Querying, Content Projection, Dynamic Templates can be easily understood. If you want to learn Angular in 2019, check out this.

Best React Courses

best react courses

React is a library developed by the Facebook team that we frequently hear the name of recently, which allows you to design user interfaces with Javascript. The most important feature is Reactive Update, which changes only the changed parts by comparing the new structure with the Virtual DOM which it keeps itself as the state in the application changes. This works very fast. It is also a library that is easy to learn and develop. I think we’ll also hear frequently React in 2019 and have compiled the best React courses for you.

Codecademy: React 101 (FREE)

If you have no knowledge of React, Codecademy’s React documents are available free of charge and I think it’s very useful. You can also use Codecademy to get both React training and information about this library.

There are dozens of practice on the subject and the quizzes are very useful to keep in mind something I think.

Egghead Free React Course

If you want to learn the React fundamentals and search web development courses, Egghead also offers a good starter kit for it. Video narratives are very suitable and very successful, especially for those who want to enter this subject. If you wish, you can continue learning at Egghead right after this course. Of course it is possible to buy a course from Udemy.

Tyler McGinnis’ React Bootcamp (FREE)

If you are looking for Reactjs free courses, Tyler McGinnis also offers free course publishers. McGinnis, who explains why you need to learn, as well as topics such as Javascript, JSX, Functional Components. This course is absolutely suitable for beginners React developers.

Modern React with Redux [2019 Update]

Modern React with Redux [2019 Update], prepared by Stephen Grider, is one of the most successful React courses of recent years. This course, which is attended by more than 125,000 students, enables you to succeed in becoming a master in React.

With this course; you can develop fantastic single page web applications; learn React fundamentals, work with NPM, Webpack, Babel, and ES6 / ES2015 Javascript syntax, and understand the concept of Redux applications. In addition to 47.5 hours of video content, there are 16 different articles in the course. If you want to learn React, Grider’s course is definitely the best. I think best React tutorial 2018 and 2019 with the update.

React 16.6 – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router & Redux)

One of Udemy’s most successful React courses is undoubtedly Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s. Would you like to switch from beginner to expert level, with a 34-hour gigantic video content and become an expert at React? With Udemy, React and Maximilian trio you can accomplish this very quickly.

You will learn topics like Reactjs, Redux, React Routing, Animations, Next.js. Besides, Reactjs training at the end of each lesson will enable you to succeed.

In 2019 Web Development courses, one of the most successful courses on React is to develop user-friendly Reactive web apps in a short time.

Advanced React and Redux: 2018 Edition

Are you ready to go to the next level with Stephen Grider? One of the best courses for learning Advanced React and Redux is definitely Grider’s course. You can learn about Composable Components, MongoDB, Mongoose, Express and more with this React course Udemy.

What you need to know before buying this course is React and Redux. If you don’t know anything about React and Redux before, you’re not enough for the next level. That is why I recommend you to buy Beginner React courses.

The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux)

Want to be a Web Developer with React? So this is Andrew Mead’s course for you. With React v16, Redux, Webpack, React Router v4, you can quickly become an expert Web Developer.

This is one of the most successful courses in React and Web Development Courses. By completing this course, you can develop and test React applications; Discover the latest React libraries and deploy your React applications. In addition to a video content of 36 hours, the course also offers 153 different downloadable resources.

Full-Stack Web Apps with Meteor and React

Want to do web development with Meteor and React duo? Learn all about the two most popular platforms of 2019 from Andrew Mead. This course, which is one of Udemy’s best-selling Web Development courses, has 31.5 hours of video content. In addition, 128 different downloadable content is also available to you by Andrew.

Within the course, there are sections such as note application development and you can also training web apps while learning Meteor and React. If you want to develop a different application in each section and specialize in the Meteor & React native duo in a short time, I suggest you buy this course.

Best PHP Courses

best php courses

PHP allows dynamic, self-managed web sites to be built. The development of PHP, originally created in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish, but living in Canada, is now being run by the PHP community. In 2019, PHP courses will be popular for web developers. Here are the best PHP courses I’ve chosen for you.

Building Web Applications in PHP (FREE)

This course published by Coursera and prepared by the University of Michigan and I think is the best free resource for those who want to learn PHP! If you’re looking for free PHP courses, you can join Coursera for free and sign up for this course. You can learn and practice PHP online. In addition, you can talk or ask questions to your mentors! Throughout the 19 hours of lessons, you can learn everything about HTML, CSS, and PHP. Quite convenient to start!

PHP for Beginners – Become a PHP Master – CMS Project

PHP For Beginners by Edwin Diaz is one of Udemy’s best-selling PHP courses. Everything you need to become a professional PHP Developer, practical excercises and projects is included in this course. Thus, you also can make PHP training in the PHP online class!

While learning how to create Content Management System (CMS), you also get information about PHP fundamentals. There are a lot of things to learn about MySQL and Database.

If you are interested in learn PHP online and want to start somewhere, you should definitely buy this course.

PHP with Laravel for beginners – Become a Master in Laravel

Would you like to become a professional developer in Laravel, the most popular platform of recent years? You also want to be an expert in PHP in a short time? So this course is for you. One of Udemy’s best-selling online PHP courses is PHP with Laravel for beginners.

For developing applications with Laravel, learning to use the Route, getting information about Laravel ORM, using databases, and more, this course is the best! If you’re looking for PHP certification courses, as soon as you finish this course, you get a great certificate!

PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + Project

You are familiar with PHP but would like to move to the next level? Then I would recommend one of the best courses of 2019 for you. In order to develop great applications, you need to learn PHP OOP, ie Object Oriented Programming; you are learning this topic in depth!

In this great course where PHP training and quizzes exist, you develop both projects and learn every aspect of the language.

Best Node.js Courses

best node.js courses

If you have a front-end part of your project, it is not possible to avoid using JavaScript. In this case, when you use a different language in the back-end part, it may not be easy for developers to do each other’s work. With Node.js, you can get all of your product in one language, so the inter-render harmony, understanding and collaboration are at the highest level.

The ability to work with a single thread without having to be blocked is one of its greatest advantages, because the more threads (thread) can be risk and performance loss. If you want to develop great apps with just one platform, here are the best Node.js and web development courses for you.

Introduction to NodeJS (FREE)

This course prepared by Microsoft and published on EDX and provides an introduction to Node.js. If you don’t know anything about this before, you can start learning this course free of charge. Thanks to this beginner Node.js course, you will be able to develop wonderful web applications with the MongoDB, Express.js and Node.js trio.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)

Andrew Mead and Rob Percival, who have published many courses, are coming together this time. This course gives you the whole experience of the couple. If you don’t know anything about Node.js, you are looking for web development courses; this course is certainly appropriate.

You can learn Node, Express, MongoDB, Mocha and more and easily develop applications with Node. Thanks to SocketIO technology, you will be able to develop real-time web apps at the end of this course!

With 26.5 hours of video content and 111 downloadable content, you can start Node.js training by purchasing this course.

Angular & NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Guide

This course, which was last updated on 11/2018, was prepared by Schwarzmüller and those who want to learn both Angular and Node.js can definitely benefit! Maximilian, one of the most successful publishers of recent years, teaches you everything you need about Angular and Node and you can become a junior Web Developer who can use up-to-date technologies in a very short time.

You’ll learn NodeJS, Express.js, MongoDB, Angular and many other platforms to develop applications. In my opinion, the best Web DEvelopment course of 2019.

Node.js: The Complete Guide to Build RESTful APIs (2018)

Want to develop real-time apps in a very short time with the trio of Node, Express and Mongo? This course, published by Mosh Hamedani, one of the most prominent publishers of the last period, will give you all the information you need about Node.js and web development.

If you want to develop applications with Node.js, become a Junior Web Developer who has mastered the 2019 web development trends; i would recommend this course. You can learn Node modules system, Express, Mongoose, etc… At the end of each subject, to reinforce what you have learned Node.js training is waiting for you.

More Courses, More Categories?

In the following days I will add a few more categories about Web Development to update the article. I keep researching especially free and high quality courses. Don’t forget to share with me the quality content you see in the web development courses category and follow me.

I hope at the end of this long article, you have found a few courses that may be useful.

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