Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex): Full Review

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Another Maximilian Schwarzmüller Udemy course? Yes. Today, I’ll review Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex) in depth and share a discount coupon with you. If you want to learn Vue JS, you can make a solid start with this course. Because it can be defined as “complete guide” and you can learn Vue with all details.

There is no doubt, in JavaScript frameworks, React JS and Angular are so popular. But Vue JS is a rising star. This is one of the most sensational frameworks in 2019. Because simplicity is the best and Vue is easier, simpler than others. So, after the review, you can download Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide with 93% discount coupon. Shall we begin?

Why Vue JS?

  • Because it is small. One of the biggest advantages of Vue JS is its size. Depending on the plugin installed, this framework size is between 18 and 21KB. Size-related speed is also much better than its competitors, like React and Angular.
  • Because it is easy. The learning process is much easier than its competitors. It uses pure JavaScript, so JavaScript developers can easily choose Vue.
  • Because it is flexible. During the Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex), you’ll build different apps and understand how flexible and modular is.
  • For more “because”, you can visit the official comparison page.

Why Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide?

Because Maximilian’s is one of the best Vue course in 2019. This is Udemy’s bestseller and has 84.000+ students. Also, there is a lot of coding challenges and projects samples with source codes. So, I can say that Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s guide is not just theoretical, but also practical.

You should buy this guide, because with the theory and read documentation, you can’t learn this or another framework or programming language. The process requires practice. And Maximilian provides theory with practice. During the course, in every topic, you’ll test yourself. So, with testing, you can be sure about fully learned or not.

Final word: This course frequently updated and prepared for new features of Vue JS. And guess what? You have lifetime access.

More Vue JS Course?

Maximilian’s course is amazing, but if you want to know about other best courses & tutorials, you should take a look at Courses Buddy’s huge content.

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Course Content

The course begins with fundamentals. If you don’t know anything about Vue, don’t concern about it. Because basic JavaScript is enough. Maximilian’s curriculum is quite systematic and step by step, you can learn how to build web apps with Vue.js easily.

After complete the fundamentals, you’ll learn:

  • Develop environment and workflow.
  • Syntax and templates.
  • Rendering, attaching and detaching.
  • DOM manipulation with all details.
  • Mixins, filters, and directives.
  • Adding animations and transitions.
  • Routing and server-side issues.
  • Deploying an app.
  • And more!

Is Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide for You?

Is this course for you? Let’s answer.

If you’re a beginner and know HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics: this course is the right choice. You only need basics and Maximilian teaches for the rest.

Another scenario: If you know React JS or Angular and feel uncomfortable while building apps, you can learn Vue with Maximilian. Because this framework combines React and Angular’s killer features.

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