The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router) Review

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Colt Steele is one of Udemy’s most successful instructors, and in April 2019 he published a great course: The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router). Colt’s boot camp or course (name it) is on fire in just a few days, and I think it certainly deserves it. Because it can be one of the best React Udemy courses of 2019. Also, Colt says it’s the best course he’s ever published. Today I will review this boot camp and share a discount coupon for you. If you’re ready, let’s start.

By the way, Who is Colt Steele?

Colt Steele, one of Udemy’s best instructors, became famous with the Web Developer Bootcamp course he published in 2016. The Web Developer course became one of the best sellers and proved to be a very successful instructor. He also works at Udacity.

I think Colt is very successful, especially in terms of curriculum and system. In each course, he manages to progress systematically. Step by step trying to teach you the subject that you are most interested in. The Modern React Bootcamp is one of his latest courses in 2019. Could it be the most successful? We’ll see.

the modern react bootcamp

What is The Modern React Bootcamp?

This is one of the fastest rising courses in Udemy’s React category. Colt got his inspiration from the class training he gave in San Francisco. Completely applying the same React syllabus. Throughout the course, you are developing many projects with your instructor. I think it is one of the most detailed practical courses to date.

What You’ll Learn on The Modern React Bootcamp?

Bootcamp has over 35 hours of video content. Besides, if you get bored to watch a video, you can also read it as a tutorial. So, what are you going to learn?

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  • Fundamentals: What is React? Are you sure you really know? With Colt, you will start from scratch.
  • Libraries and Tools: Do you know the libraries and tools you need to use React effectively? You can learn everything that facilitates development in this course.
  • React Components: Components are the most important subject of React. In the course, you will not only learn the components but also practice a lot.
  • React Hooks: Many web developers love hooks. When you use it in developing a project, you will love it! Because it makes everything easier.
  • Complex Animations to Projects: You can add simple animations to your project, but do you know how to make complex animations? Don’t worry, you’ll learn.
  • Integrate APIs: You may need to use APIs frequently in your projects. So how can you integrate it into your React project?
  • Building a Project: Everything you need to develop a project from scratch is on The Modern React Bootcamp.

Pardon the interruption, but…

I’ve reviewed a few courses that Colt Steele published. The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp is one of them. If you are interested to learn Python from scratch, I strongly recommend you to buy. I also shared a discount coupon for you.

Is It Ok for Beginners?

Colt says this course is also suitable for beginners from scratch. You only need basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript information. No advanced knowledge or experience at an advanced level. Throughout the course, you will also specialize in these languages.

The Modern React Bootcamp Discount Coupon & My Review

If you want to learn React JS, and you’ve already had experience with basic languages such as HTML, JavaScript, you should buy The Modern React Bootcamp with 92% discount coupon, no doubt. Unique projects and a project-based system are the main factors that make this course successful.

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