[Full Review] Awesome Apps with React Hooks and Firebase

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React hooks is an amazing feature and with hooks, you don’t need class components, Redux, lifecycle methods and more. Today, I’ll share you Reed Barger’s Awesome Apps with React Hooks and Firebase and this course absolutely right choice for hooks practice and see examples.

If you have some experience about web development and React, you should to learn hooks feature too. It’s a huge upgrade and clearly game changer. With Reed, you’ll build awesome apps and learn React hooks step by step. Also, I’ll share a discount coupon for Awesome Apps with React Hooks and Firebase.

Why React Hooks and Firebase Course?

Because Reed Barger is quite successful about real world app development tutorials. React hooks is new feature and there is not much resource about building real world applications. So, if you want to learn React hooks completely with practice, this course is one of the best.

I reviewed Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase too, but it doesn’t include hooks too much. But, take a look. Shortly, Reed Barger is one of the best instructors on Udemy and his web development courses mostly practical, also successful too. You should check the student feedbacks.

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Course Content

With Awesome Apps with React Hooks and Firebase, you’ll learn how to build and deploy an app step by step. The course has 2.5 hours video, 21 downloadable resources and of course, lifetime access. So, you can watch new video lessons too.

Reed begins with introduction and custom hooks sections. After these, you’ll build Hackernews clone with Reed. During the building process, you can learn everyting about hooks and Firebase. Shortly, this course covers these concepts:

  • Firebase and React integration.
  • Using Firestore realtime database.
  • Learn to create custom hooks.
  • Firebase Authentication.
  • Routing concepts.
  • Building cursor based app.
  • Using Firestore queries.
  • Serverless method.
  • Working with Firebase.
  • Deploying an web app.

My Review & Discount Coupon for Awesome Apps with React Hooks and Firebase

I like practical courses too much. Because, if you want to learn anything completely, you should make practice a lot. I mean, the process needs practices. And Reed Barger absolutely good instructor about practical Udemy courses. You can download Awesome Apps with React Hooks and Firebase with 93% discount coupon and make some practice.

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