React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) Full Review

Hello there, welcome to the Courses Buddy. Today, I’ll review Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) course in depth. Also, share a discount coupon for you. If you want to learn React JS, Udemy instructor Schwarzmüller is one of the best in this field. So, shall we begin?

Why React – The Complete Guide?

Because Maximilian Schwarzmüller is quite successful and this course begins from scratch. So, without any React experience, you can learn entirely this library. React – The Complete Guide is the best seller on Udemy for years and student feedbacks always positive.

With this JavaScript library, you can develop amazing web apps and apply for high-paid jobs anywhere. But for this, you can fully understand algorithms, system and of course, you should make practice a lot. Maximilian’s course includes projects, quizzes, and coding challenges. So, you can reinforce yourself with these practices.

React – The Complete Guide Course Content

The course includes “Getting Started” section. In this section, you’ll learn what React is, what it does and what applications we can develop with React. Then you’re writing your first code!

In the second part of the course, you learn Javascript. Before you learn React, you need to master the basics of Javascript, and there is almost everything you need in this chapter.

In the next section, “Syntax” and “Basic features” are taught. Understanding JSX, Creating Functional Components, Working with Components, Props, Inline Styles and more is included in this section. I suggest that you work hard on this section and take notes to learn React from the beginning.

Grider’s vs Schwarzmüller’s React Course?

At Courses Buddy, we compare two bestsellers React JS course in the Versus Series. If you want to learn which one is the best, let’s find out.

React Router and Redux

After the fundamentals and a lot of practices, you’ll learn React’s amazing features and Redux. Of course, with React Hooks, you don’t need Redux mostly but Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s React – The Complete Guide teaches every possible tool with React JS. Also, you’ll build a burger project and add some amazing features with Redux.

React Hooks

If you download React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) before and completed, you might be missed new episodes about React Hooks. Schwarzmüller added new videos in 2019 and all about Hooks!

With Hooks in React, you can develop apps easier and faster. Schwarzmüller teaches you about hooks in depth and as a junior React developer, you can understand latest features of this library.

At a Glance, What You’ll Learn?

  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • React JS Basics
  • Basic and Advanced Redux
  • React Hooks
  • Deploying an app
  • Using Webpack
  • Next JS
  • And more…

Discount Coupon for React – The Complete Guide

Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s style is amazing and if you want to make a solid start, download React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) with a 93% discount coupon without hesitation. Also, all Academind courses are frequently updating. So, you have lifetime access and you can watch every new episode.

Looking for more React JS courses?

At Courses Buddy, I try to list best courses about web development technologies and React JS is one of them. If you want to learn React in 2019, you can access Courses Buddy’s best React JS courses post.

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