NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development

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If you want to learn backend development, then you can learn with NestJS. To build amazing backend structures, NestJS is one of the most popular choices and this course is the right choice for making a solid start!

Do you want to build robust, powerful web apps? Then you need backend knowledge and experience. If you have some, this means you can learn NestJS. To make solid backend development, you can use this amazing environment with modern TypeScript. Today, I’ll review NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development for you and in my opinion, this is one of the best NestJS resources.

As you know, Node.js is so popular and if you want to be a modern web developer, you should definitely know Node for the backend. But, do you want to make backend development easier? Nest, as a popular Node.js framework, is the right choice. With this framework, you can use amazing features and TypeScript. So, you can build versatile, amazing web apps easily.

NestJS Zero to Hero: Content

NestJS Zero to Hero is published by Ariel Weinberger in 2019 and if you looking for NestJS resources on Udemy, only resource is Ariel’s. But don’t worry, with successful structure and curriculum, I can surely say “only but worth”.

With Weinberger, you can learn to build professionally backend side. The course begins with introduction and install sections. After, you’ll learn how to use NestJS with real-world app project. Ariel teaches you backend development step by step and you can make practice with real-world task management project.

During the building process, you can learn all details of NestJS. For example, how to validate your project, make error handling, authentication and authorization.

At a glance, if you decide to download NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development, you’ll learn:

  • NestJS fundamentals.
  • Developing REST APIs.
  • Authentication and authorization.
  • Storing data with full-secure.
  • Using TypeORM.
  • Deploying projects with AWS.
  • Coding professional way.
  • Testing with Postman.
  • NestJS command-line interface.
  • Implementing projects.
  • Using TypeScript with NestJS.
  • And more!

By the way, want to learn Svelte?

Svelte is the rising star of JavaScript frameworks and you can build amazing web apps with this modern compiler. At Courses Buddy, you can find free and best resources for learning!

Requirements or what you’ll need?

Before buying, I should warn you. This course is not for beginner / junior developers or senior developer candidates. To make a solid start with NestJS, you need experience in web development, especially the backend side. Also, you need at least basic TypeScript. If you want to learn TypeScript, I recommend these two amazing guides.

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