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If you want to learn modern Javascript, 2019 can be a very productive year for you. Because in 2019, the most popular languages of recent years will be a much more effective web development language. If you want to learn Advanced and Modern Javascript, you should do a lot of practice. Modern JavaScript The Complete Course – Build +10 Projects is a wonderful course where you can learn this language with the finest details and practice with develop projects!

I’ll make a review for this course that you can buy in a discounted price.

What You’ll Learn?

By purchasing this Udemy Javascript developer course, you will be able to increase your Javascript skills to a specialist level in a short time.

  • You will be able to learn the Javascript features of 2018 and 2019 (such as Async JS, Fetch API, Async Await).
  • Make improvements with features such as Javascript Classes and OOP.
  • Add Javascript interactions to your websites.
  • Can use advanced Javascript features like Generators, Iterators, Maps, Sets, Promises, etc.

Want To Learn Node.JS, Angular and more?

If you want to learn the trends of Javascript, such as Node.JS and Angular, I’ve reviewed The Complete Node.js Developer Course and the Modern React with Redux [2019 Update]. You can read my reviews and buy these courses at discounted prices!


One of the things you need for this course; HTML and CSS information. Other than that, you don’t need anything. If you don’t know anything about HTML and CSS before, I don’t recommend buying Modern JavaScript The Complete Course – Build +10 Projects. I can recommend Angela Yu’s Web Development Bootcamp 2019 course for HTML, CSS and more.

Course Content

First of all, you are informed about Javascript Fundamentals. This tutorial, which prepares you for Javascript and makes you a beginner, then learn about DOM Scripting.

After learning the topics like Event Listeners and LocalStorage, you will start developing projects! You will start implementing what you have learned in the projects, and then you will get information about AJAX, Fetch API. I can say that especially the projects will shorten your learning time. In Udemy Javascript course review category, one of the most project-oriented courses is this and I liked it very much.

Core Javascript Projects in Course

Throughout the course you are developing more than 10 projects and these projects are both easy and difficult. For example, Adding Courses into the Shopping Cart project is very successful, especially for learning DOM Scripting!

Apart from that, you are also developing an app called Weekly Budget APP, which appeals to a little more intermediate students. Once you’ve learned about AJAX, you’re starting to develop Name Generator. Quite fun and easy!

With projects like Lyrics Search Engine with Modules to learn how to work with APIs and IndexedDB for advanced students, you’ll soon be able to master Javascript. If you interested Udemy Javascript projects courses; this is definitely right for you!

My Review

In my opinion, Modern JavaScript The Complete Course – Build +10 Projects will take place in the category of best Udemy Courses as soon as possible. If you want 24 hours of video content, 41 downloadable content and a JavaScript certificate (you can win at the end of the course); Don’t miss the discount price!

Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez, who is not only teaching you theoretically, but also practicing in terms of Javascript, is certainly very successful in these matters! Course reviews show this.

Modern JavaScript The Complete Course – Build +10 Projects Download & Buy With Discount Coupon

This course, which you can buy with a discount of 93%, is a great opportunity for people who know HTML and CSS to learn and develop Javascript! You can also create your discount coupon with the link below. In addition, if the discount coupon is not working, please let me know.

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