[Udemy Review] Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Ethical Hacking is one of the most popular fields in 2019 and if you want to be certified ethical hacker, this course is for you. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch is published by Zaid Sabih and it is a bestseller for now on Udemy. So, today we’ll review and analyze this bestseller. If you want to learn about Zaid’s certified course and download with a discount coupon, you’re at the right place.

In Udemy’s Ethical Hacking category, Zaid’s courses are so popular. Almost all of them updated for 2019 and during the lessons, you can learn the right points, technologies.

Course Content

Do you want to know anything about hacking? If you have some experience, good. You can download this guide and boost your skills. Even if you have zero-knowledge, you can learn everything from scratch. The course has 4 main categories.

  • Network Hacking: The first part is about network hacking and this section is so important. Because you need to learn fundamentals completely. With Zaid, you’ll start with some basics like network working system, communication methods. After, the instructor teaches you intermediate things like pre-connection attacks, gaining access and post connection attacks.
  • Gaining Access: At this section, you’ll learn how to manage systems with full control. The exploits, vulnerabilities, server-side attacks, client-side attacks and more waits for you.
  • Post Exploitation: You have full control, what you can do? Zaid teaches you everything you need. After the hacking process, you can access the file system and play with them.
  • Website / Web Application Hacking: The most popular part is the last. During the lessons, you’ll learn to gather information, penetration, exploiting and hacking websites or web apps. File upload, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting and more techniques in here.

What You’ll Get & Learn?

This course is updating periodically and you have lifetime access. So, you can watch new lessons easily.

Shortly, you’ll get:

  • 14 Hours video lessons
  • 2 Articles
  • 21 Downloadable sources
  • Challenges and quizzes

I have to admit, the content and curriculum really good and this course worth your money. And guess what? You just need basic IT skills. If you decide to download Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch with a discount coupon, at a glance, you’ll learn these:

  • Ethical Hacking fundamentals
  • Building a hacking lab
  • Hacking Wi-Fi & Wired networks
  • Discovering vulnerabilities
  • Using 30+ hacking tools
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Linux basics
  • Penetration testing
  • ARP Spoofing
  • Building backdoors
  • Web hacking (SQL Injection, XSS)
  • And more!

Discount Coupon: Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry. Because after the completion, you’ll be an amazing ethical hacker candidate. You can make a rock-solid start with Zaid and after this course, you can buy other amazing resources. If you decide to learn about hacking, go and download this course with a discount coupon.

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