Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel

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As a beginner, if you want to learn data analysis in Excel, make a solid start with this course.

Want to use Excel like a pro? Believe me, it’s possible! Today, we review and deep analyze Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel course. If you want to learn data analysis, you can use Microsoft’s most popular software and get hired a lot of companies. The course published by Symon He and Travis Chow in 2019. For now, it is the highest-rated data analysis course on Udemy and has 30.000+ students.

So, let’s begin with the content and curriculum. Also, you can check the price with a discount coupon for Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel at Courses Buddy.

Why Data Analysis with Excel?

There are a lot of software and apps in 2019, why we should use Excel to make data analysis? Probably, this is the question which you need an answer. Let me explain: Microsoft Excel is still a powerful tool for data analysis in 2019. Almost all industries use this tool for analyzing and companies hire experts every year.

Shortly, it still an amazing tool and you can make a solid start with Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel.

More Microsoft Excel Course?

At Courses Buddy, you can find the top-notch contents about popular development, analytics tools or technologies. Microsoft Excel is one of them. If you want to learn with amazing online classes, take a look at our top-notch content.

Course Content

Okay, let’s continue with the curriculum and content. Firstly, you don’t need anything except fundamentals such as create tables, basic formulas. Symon and Travis start from scratch and in the introduction sections, you learn fundamentals like formatting, basic Excel formulas, statistics. Every section has a lot of challenges and quizzes. So, while you are learning theoretically, also you can make practice and challenge yourself.

Handling Data, Pivot Tables and Charts

After the foundations, Symon and Travis teach you handling data. During the lessons, you learn IF statements, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP functions, lists and more. You need completely understand especially this section. Because, after the handling data lessons, Pivot Tables and Charts are coming.

Case Studies

After the completion of these, the next station is case studies! Trust me, these real-world studies are useful for you. Because during the interview, any specialists want to build something for some scenarios. In Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel, you can see four different case study.

  • Cryptocurrency Data
  • Survey Data
  • The Startup Market
  • Data Preparation

During the lessons, you learn how to get data and analyze in Excel. Also, you can use what you learned. Shortly, I can surely say: This online Excel class includes one of the best practical guides with case studies.

Discount Coupon for Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel

If you want to learn data analysis with Excel, this is definitely the right choice. Especially for beginners, the essentials are so important and during the lessons, you can completely understand. Don’t need to have experience in data analysis or Excel. With 11+ hours video, 170 downloadable resources, you’ll be intermediate Excel data analyzer in a short time.

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