The Art of Blogging for Business

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Introduction to Blogging for Business

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Let’s take a moment to step back and look at the big picture. How do people discover products and services to buy online? First of all, nothing beats a recommendation from a friend or someone you respect. Great products generate a lot of buzz on social networks and this drives sales like a charm. That’s called word of mouth

Then there is search.

Whenever you’re facing a problem or have any kind of question, the first place you go to Google. And if there’s a product or service that can solve your problem, it is very likely that it will pop up in Google’s search results.

And finally, advertising is a very old and proven way to get a product in front of prospective customers. We see hundreds, if not thousands of ads every single day. Which actually dilutes their ROI quite a bit. But this channel is still quite effective nevertheless.

Well, so do you even need a blog in order to tap into these three main customer acquisition channels? Well, Not really. Let me explain it with a real example. Let’s say you own an e-commerce store that sells shoe-laces from ABC website. Once someone buys new laces from them, the chances are, this person is going to brag about this to his friends and recommend the ABC website. That is, if that customer had a positive experience with that online shop.

Pleasing your customers is all you need in order to generate word of mouth.

People search for “how to lace nikes,” “how to lace nike shoes,” “how to lace air max 90,” etc. So they search for these kinds of things in Google, they match their queries with the ABC blog, they enjoy it, they dig deeper into the ABC website, and eventually they buy laces from it. This is a nearly perfect example of how content marketing can drive customers to your business from Google.

So let’s put the blog next to “Search” customer acquisition channel. What about word of mouth? Guess what people will do once they learn a new way to tie their laces? Post it on social media, of course. There’s even a hashtag #shoelaceart on Instagram for that. And once their friends and followers ask them for a tutorial where they learned to tie laces like that, they will give them a link to some article.

It’s not just the positive experience with your company and your product that can generate word of mouth. Y