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Google Business Profile Setup

Welcome to a short Beginners Guide to GBP at Courses Buddy!

Well, we’re going to walk through the steps of setting up or claiming and verifying a Google Business Profile (GBP).

Checking for Existing Business Listing

First, you need to check if the business already exists as a business listing on Google. Take a look on Google Maps. Search for the business name appended with a location. For instance, OzaarXR, Lahore. If you see a listing for the business already exists, you’ll need to claim it. Make sure that you’re signed into your Google account.

Creating a Google Account

If you’re creating a new Google account to do so, then ideally you’ll sign up using an email address on your business domain. For instance, If you already have an existing Google account that you’ll be using, then log in to that. But just remember which account you use.

Initiating Business Claim

Go to the URL section. Type in the name of the business you want to claim. It might be that you need to select one of the businesses that appear below your search term. You’ll need to request access to that listing. Just click on the Request access button.

Adding Business Information

If you did a search for the business and you found that a pre-existing listing doesn’t exist, you’ll need to go ahead and click Create a business with this name. You’ll now need to add your business name. Make sure you use your exact actual business name.

Specifying Business Type

Next, you’ll choose a category. This is an important step, and with a business like VR or AR, choosing Technology as the primary category is pretty easy. You can change the category if you need to and add more secondary categories later.

Providing Contact Information

The next step is to tell Google if customers can come into a physical location or if the business is service-based. Next, you’ll need to add a phone number and your business website, which is optional but obviously recommended.

Verifying Google Business Profile

The final