Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL)

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Amazing curriculum, decent teaching style and one, massive real-world web app project.

Last week, I shared a new post about Andrei Neagoie’s new React course in Courses Buddy’s News category. And today, it is published! Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) is one of the newest guides for beginners, intermediate level students and more. If you’re ready, let’s begin the review. Also, you can use Courses Buddy’s 93% discount coupon for download!

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Why Complete React Developer in 2019?

A lot of reasons here, but shortly: Andrei Neagoie is the best. He is Udemy’s highest rated instructor in web development category and his student feedbacks are so good. If you have some experience in web development and want to improve your skills, you can make a solid start with Andrei’s Zero to Mastery web development courses.

These two courses are published by Andrei and you can improve yourself with these. After completed, I recommend Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL).

You should download the React Developer course because, with one of the best instructor, you can learn step by step.

React Developer Course Content

There is a lot of React course, but not like this. Because, in this course, you’ll build one massive real-world project while learning. Of course, it starts with key concepts and basics, but after the basics, start to build with Andrei and Yihua.

During the lessons, you’ll learn, practice and reinforce your knowledge with challenges. By the way, you’ll build Shopify similar e-commerce application. While building, you can use modern web app development technologies like GraphQL, Firebase, Stripe…

No doubt, Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) is different than others. Almost every course, you build 15+ projects and these are generally simple and no real-world application. But in this course, you build just one but completely massive web app.

At a Glance: What You’ll Learn?

  • Building rock solid and powerful web apps.
  • Latest features of React like Hooks, Suspense, Lazy and more.
  • Latest principles and key concepts of the ecosystem.
  • Using GraphQL, Firebase with React JS.
  • Making a good structure for any projects.
  • Using design patterns, animations.
  • Redux, Redux Saga.
  • Testing and debugging any apps.
  • Using Stripe API in projects.

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Discount Coupon for Complete React Developer in 2019

If you decide to download Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) with 93% discount coupon, you’ll get 31+ hours video lessons, 46 articles, 33 downloadable sources and of course full lifetime access! So, with updates, you can watch new lessons too. In addition, Andrei has a great discord community and you can access this community too.

Grider’s vs Schwarzmüller’s React Course?

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