Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase: Full Review

Another Reed Barger Udemy course? Check! He is a rising star and published amazing courses especially in 2019. Today, I’ll review Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase with you and of course share a discount coupon. As you know, I published Full-Stack React, Python, and GraphQL review too. If you want more, take a look!

So, want to build full-stack apps with React, Redux, and Firebase? With Reed Barger, you can! In web development courses, mostly you build something simple and this can be called “practice/newbie apps“; but with Reed, you’ll build Slack application from scratch and step by step.

Why Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase?

Many web development courses in Udemy teach you the basics. After learning the basics, you can access advanced topics. When you learn these subjects too, of course, you practice. However, these practices can be very simple and after finish the course, you’ll learn theory with simple coding exercises, but without the development process of real-world apps.

So, why Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase? Because this course is different from others. You are developing a Slack chat app clone (full-stack real-world app) step by step.

Course Content

This React training starts with basic steps, like required tools, project setup, user authentication. After the basic steps, you’ll start to build a Slack clone. In fact, even the basic sections are so important. Because, as you start developing an application, you will learn how to take the first step. You will also learn about Firebase installation and use of Git.

Step by Step, Build a Slack Chat App!

  • Send and receive messages with Firebase database.
  • Image upload and display with Firebase storage.
  • Instant Notifications.
  • Tracking online & offline status.
  • Creating channels.
  • Adding user avatars.
  • Emojis with emoji picker.
  • Securing with Firebase rules.
  • Deploying an app.
  • Creating amazing interfaces with Semantic UI.
  • and more!

What Do You Need?

Before download Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase with a discount coupon, you should have some experience with React. For example, you must be able to develop several applications. The other thing is ES6 features, like syntax, operators and more.

Discount Coupon from Courses Buddy

I think Reed Barger’s Slack clone guide is amazing and the killer feature is absolutely practical & real-world app guide. So, you have some experience with React, but if you are having trouble developing a real-world app, this course is for you!

By the way, want to learn React JS?

At Courses Buddy, I try to list best courses about web development technologies and React JS is one of them. If you want to learn React in 2019, you can access Courses Buddy’s best React JS courses post.

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