Best Svelte Tutorial & Courses in 2019

Svelte or Svelte.js is rising. Deserved? Hell yes. Because it is one of the most effective JavaScript technologies in 2019. No doubt, React is a miracle and you can build amazing things. Or Vue, or Angular. But here is the biggest difference: It is a compiler. Today, I’ll list the best Svelte tutorial & courses for making a solid start.

If you’re a junior developer and have some basics, you can learn Svelte easily. Because this compiler framework doesn’t use JSX or some fork languages. It uses HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript. So, you can build amazing things with fundamental languages.

Want to know about reactive web technologies and Svelte? I recommend this video. Rich Harris talks about new development techniques, tools, environments and I watched 5+ times. This speech isn’t about Svelte completely, for this reason, amazingly inspirational.

After the speech, if you like it and decide to learn, before the best Svelte tutorial and courses, I recommend some guides about fundamental things.

1. Some web development courses

If you have some experience in web development and already know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can skip this part.

Web development basics are so important before starting to the learning process for any framework. So, do you know HTML and CSS? These are basic languages and in my opinion, the learning process is pretty easy. You can make a solid start with free Codecademy resources. But JavaScript is also important and Svelte.js based on this language.

To make a lot of practice, build projects and totally understand this trio, I recommend some Udemy resources. As I said, you can learn with free resources too, but to make a decent start from scratch, you need a powerful and systematic curriculum which these courses have.

One important thing: Make sure you have the basics. Otherwise, you can’t understand anyting about any framework.

2. Meet: Videos and articles

So, let’s meet this compiler framework. For an introduction, you can find a lot of video courses and tutorials. I recommend the bests for you. Some places like Medium and, senior developers publish amazing posts. This is one of them: Why SvelteJS may be the best framework for new web devs, by Ben Holmes. Especially, to understand the structure and advantages for beginners of Svelte.

After Ben’s article, next station is Schwarzmüller’s versus video.

Is Svelte better? It depends and Maximilian Schwarzmüller talk about this issue. React JS, Vue JS, and more frameworks are popular, this compiler better than these? You can watch the video and find true answers.

By the way, want to learn React JS?

At Courses Buddy, I try to list best courses about web development technologies and React JS is one of them. If you want to learn React in 2019, you can access Courses Buddy’s best React JS courses post.

3. Learn Svelte with official tutorial

Let’s start to learn! Svelte official tutorial is the best choice, because this tutorial is interactive and you make practice while learning. So, with official guide you can learn fundamentals and awesome features of Svelte. Also, they have examples section too and you can understand code structures in here.

Shortly, at, you can learn, also see real samples about reactivity, props, events, bindings, lifecycle, stores, transitions, animations and more. No doubt, the dev team has definitely powerful documentation.

4. Ditch Svelte with crash video courses

Crash courses is another good way for starting to learning process. If you have experience in web development, you can easily understand this modern JavaScript compiler.

This video is published by Fireship in 2019 and I think one of the best free Svelte crash course. Short but believe me effective. During the video, you learn advantages, powerful features of Svelte, also build a to-do app. Almost all crash course developers build to-do applications and if you don’t know, I’ll say now: Too easy. After Fireship’s video, of course, you need a decent tutorial. Don’t worry, coming for you.

Maximilian Schwarzmüller’s free Svelte quickstart course also useful. In 45 minutes, you can learn how to install, code structure, fundamentals and more. Also, you’ll build really simple e-commerce web app with Maximilian.

And of course, Traversy Media’s Svelte crash course. Brad Traversy is one of the best instructors in Udemy and his newest course React Front to Back 2019 is the highest rated React JS course for now. In Traversy Media, you can find a lot of crash course about new web development technologies. During the video, Brad builds a player scoreboard with Svelte.

5. Best Svelte tutorial & course: Svelte.js – the complete guide

Basic web development experience, check. Comparing and recognizing, check. Learning structure, making practice with official tutorial and crash courses; check. What else? Yes, you should learn Svelte in depth with a decent tutorial.

For now, Svelte.js – The Complete Guide is the only comprehensive course in the world. It is published by Maximilian Schwarzmüller in 2019 and has 12+ hours of video lessons. At Courses Buddy, you can find a full review of this guide. If you want to learn this compiler in depth, you need this course. Especially, if you are a junior developer which has some experience but nothing to know about frameworks, modern tools.

This is one of the best Svelte tutorial & courses, also an only resource. You don’t need to concern, because Maximilian Schwarzmüller is one of the best web development instructors. He has a 20+ course on Udemy and almost everyone is a bestseller.

Grider’s vs Schwarzmüller’s React Course?

At Courses Buddy, we compare two bestsellers React JS course in the Versus Series. If you want to learn which one is the best, let’s find out.

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