30+ Best React Courses & Training for Certification

Are you a full stack Web Developer who wants to learn React as soon as possible? Or are you just a junior? Actually, doesn’t matter. Welcome! Today, I will share the best React courses with you. With these free resources, you can make a solid start. And, with comprehensive courses, you can be a full stack developer.

Well, but why this framework?

Do you just like the name of the library? Cool, right? But as far as the name, this framework is pretty cool for full stack web development.

React is a JavaScript library to create user interfaces and developed by Facebook. It focuses only on the view/page layer. Apart from that, it has nothing to do with any architectural layer.

Yeah, you didn’t read wrong. This framework’s only task is to perform all the processes in the interface in the most logical, easiest, most cost-effective, most efficient way. Therefore, it is among the most popular technologies of 2018 and 2019.

If you’re ready, let’s start with free React JS courses. Would you like to make a solid start to the most popular library of 2018? I will share free Udemy React courses and some crash training videos on Youtube.

These courses will not make you full stack developer. Most are promotional. So if you want to learn the basics, you can join these. Then, if you want to learn this library in the finest detail, check out best React courses 2019.

I need to warn you before I share the free and best React courses. If you don’t have experience with web development before, React may be the wrong choice. First of all, you should learn the HTML and CSS languages. Then you must be experienced in JavaScript, which is the basis of React.

If you don’t know anything about JavaScript, you can’t even understand the React JS tutorial for beginners. I’ve shared the best JavaScript courses for you.

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1. React 101, by Codecademy

Best way to learn React? Absolutely practice! And Codecademy did a pretty good job with this free React JS course. In this completely free course, you will learn JSX and master the basic principles. Then you’ll go one step further in React Components.

Codecademy can help you a lot to get you started. I’ve got many courses and I think it’s one of the best React courses, also free. Practices, challenges, and quizzes are very enjoyable! In addition, you need a solid foundation in JavaScript and basic HTML for understanding.

My two cents:

One of the best ways to learn is to practice. Codecademy offers you plenty of practical and theoretical courses for a solid start! In addition to the theoretical courses, I suggest you practice often at Codecademy.

2. Free Online Bootcamp, by Tyler McGinnis

If you’re looking for a free and instructive React JavaScript tutorial, you’ll love this great content created by Tyler McGinnis. This boot camp is great for beginners, with documents, videos and more.

Tyler is a pretty good teacher and his training videos will definitely help you a lot. This boot camp is made up of 4 videos, each with more than 1.5 hours. You can watch videos and learn about Why this framework?, JSX, Functional Components, Pure Functions, Ajax Requests and more.

Before I forget, Tyler recommends a lot of resources in every video and I suggest you review them.

3. Learn React for Free, by Bob Ziroll

Want to interactive tutorial for beginners? Also completely free? This wonderful course, published by Scrimba and which is prepared by Bob Ziroll. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the free and most comprehensive React courses. Detailed information on both terminology and components can be found on Bob’s training.

Want to develop full stack web applications that are very fast and stable? You can make a great start with Bob. I also admire the philosophy of this course, which is connected to a technology school called V School. Thanks to the learning by doing philosophy, you can use this framework with plenty of practice while watching videos.

My two cents:

Are you looking for a course where you can develop both practical and theoretical? So I recommend this course offered by Scrimba and completely free! Thanks to Bob, you can easily learn the fundamentals.

4. Crash Course, by Mosh Hamedani

You may have seen Mosh Hamedani many times in Udemy. However, he now publishes his courses on his official website. Also, there’s also a great React fundamentals course on Youtube to get you started. This video gives you all the information you need for a solid start.

Moreover, more than 2 hours is proof that it has rich content. The comments on YouTube are quite nice. Mosh is one of the successful teachers who has been in the online education sector for years. So, I would definitely recommend this course for free.

My two cents:

No doubt, this video tutorial has been published to promote Mosh’s paid courses. However, although it is a promotional video, it is quite successful. It’s the right choice to get to know Mosh and make a good start!

5. React JS Crash Course – 2019, by Traversy Media

Brad Traversy is one of the most popular teachers in Udemy. There’s a nice React for Beginners course on the Youtube Channel Traversy Media. During this 1.5-hour course, Brad teaches you what you need. In fact, you are not only learning, but also developing a wonderful To-Do app.

This video was prepared at the beginning of 2019. So Brad’s course is the most up-to-date free training set. If you’re looking for both practicing and an introductory course, this will certainly be ideal. Thanks, Brad!

My two cents:

Just as Mosh did, Brad prepared a crash course for promotion. However, for a nice start, this course is also quite successful. To learn the basics of app development, to discover the examples of React and more, definitely check out!

6. Full-Stack Web Development – Specialization, by Coursera

Looking for an online React course? Coursera will definitely be one of the right choices with free and exclusive training. In addition, if you successfully complete these online courses, you can also get React JS online certification. Coursera certificates are accepted around the world. So, after you become a full stack developer on this one of the best React courses, you can easily find jobs with your certificate.

On this course, published by Hong Kong University’s excellent instructors, you will not only learn. You will also learn about Node.js, Bootstrap, Redux. So, you can be full stack web developer with this free resource. Also, if you’re looking for a comprehensive router tutorial, it’s definitely the right choice.

My two cents:

Coursera is one of the most preferred platforms thanks to its certificates and outstanding instructors. You can attend many free courses published by the world’s top universities. In my opinion, this course one of the best options for online React developer certification.

7. Introduction Course, by edX

edX also publishes online courses just like Coursera. But usually, the courses are being prepared in cooperation with Microsoft. To learn the basics in a comprehensive way, this free React JS course will definitely be a good choice. Attend this training to gain experience about components, develop applications, and comprehend syntax. In addition, you can also get a certificate from edX, as in Coursera.

8. Complete Intro to React, v5 (Reshoot), by Brian Holt

Frontend Masters is one of the best platforms for online education. It works with a monthly or annual subscription system. Especially classroom training system is very popular. One of them was created by Brian Holt: Complete Intro to React v5.

If you want to start from scratch with React JavaScript tutorial, a Microsoft employee Brian offers everything you need. You can learn using tools like Parcel, Gest, Reach Router in this class. In addition, if you purchase a monthly membership at Frontend Masters, you will have access to more courses like Intermediate React, Advanced Patterns…

9. React for Beginners 2019, by Wes Bos

Looking for React JS tutorial for beginners? Wes Bos was once Udemy’s bestseller. But, he no longer publishes his courses in Udemy. However, he is still a very successful teacher. One of the best options to improve your JavaScript skills is Wes Bos’ online courses. I think Wes is one of the successful instructors on the best React courses category, no doubt.

Up to now, more than 26,000 students have been enrolled and this training updated and re-registered according to 2019. If you’re looking for a premium step by step training, Wes’ is definitely one of the best.

My two cents:

One of the best React courses for beginners? Definitely. The biggest reason for this is that Wes is a great instructor. You are constantly practicing and reinforcing what you have learned. Also, you can see pretty good comments about Wes on Reddit.

10. Become a Professional React Developer, by Udacity

Udacity is one of the most successful online courses portals. Become a Professional Developer training course is very popular. You will not only learn basics, but this training program also takes 4 months and prepares you to become a professional developer. So, you’re also learning advanced topics like React Native and Redux.

Practices, challenges, and quizzes will help you in your learning process. In addition, the biggest advantage of Udacity is a job opportunity. After completing this course, you can contact partners in the Udacity network. Quite expensive, but is it worth the money you will give? Thanks to the facilities it offers, absolutely.

My two cents:

Best way to learn? Definitely, Nanodegree program is one of these. I love Udacity’s Nanodegree program. I bought a few online training and I’m sure this is one of the best React courses for want to an advanced developer. Therefore, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed because of job network is powerful and the systematic curriculum is great.

11. Mastering React, by Mosh Hamedani

I offered Mosh’s free React course for you. There is also a master training. For building fast and interactive web apps and be full stack in web development, you need to learn. And guess what? Mosh offers you all the information you need.

To attend Mosh’s course, you don’t need anything except HTML, CSS and JavaScript fundamentals. Modern JavaScript, working with components, deployment and more is waiting for you. You can also get React Developer Certification. If you’re looking for more than 200 video courses, great narrative style, and practices, check out Mosh.

My two cents:

I’ve seen Mosh in Udemy before. I think there are still a few courses active. If you want to make a solid start, I would definitely recommend it. You can also view the free React crash course and see the narrative style.

12. Best React Course – Modern React with Redux [2019 Update], by Stephen Grider

Stephen Grider is one of Udemy’s most beloved teachers. And when you search for the best Udemy React course Reddit, you can definitely see his name. Grider’s course is updated according to all the technologies of 2019 and is also a bestseller!

Do you want to learn with all the details in a short time? Then you can make the right choice by taking this. This crash course includes components like Router, Webpack and more! Therefore, you can learn not only this library but also its components, and develop amazing applications. Stephen guarantees that this React training is the most comprehensive course in his description. If you want to learn from scratch, join this course with lifetime access.

My two cents:

One of the best React courses on Udemy? I think yes. If you look at the comments, you can see how good a Grider is. Besides, it’s certainly not a coincidence that it’s on the bestseller list.

13. React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux), by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Looking for full stack web development course with React & Router tutorial? Then, another instructor who is a master of web development is undoubtedly Maximilian Schwarzmüller. If you want to build powerful, streamlined and reactive web applications and upgrade your developer career; Maximilian’s training is for you. You do not need to be an expert in JavaScript to participate in this course.

However, HTML, CSS and JS fundamentals are being requested by Max. Every student can get to the advanced level in a short time. Even starting from the basic level! You can learn Reactjs, Hooks, Redux, Routing, Animations, Next.js, building a user interface with this best React course on Udemy. I love Maximilian because it’s a very systematic curriculum. Also, you can get React certification. By researching on platforms like Reddit, you can definitely see Maximilian’s good course ratings.

My two cents:

Would you like to be a React developer in a short time and develop great applications? Maximilian can definitely help you. He has a lot of videos on YouTube, I suggest you just watch them so that you can understand what a good instructor he is. In addition, you have lifetime access with a 90% discount.

14. The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux), by Andrew Mead

This React training published by Andrew Mead and offers a great opportunity for those who want to become React Web Developer. With this course, you can develop amazing applications via Redux, Webpack, Router v4 and more. According to Andrew Mead, the biggest difference in this course contains plenty of practice.

So, you can learn not only by watching / theoretically but also by applying / practically. If you are a Web Developer or a candidate, you can learn to build user interface React in a short time thanks to Mead. After learning, it’s easy to develop great apps! I think, like Mead’s other courses, this React JS tutorial for beginners also very successful.

My two cents:

If you want to be a Full Stack Web Developer, you need Andrew’s course. This is definitely one of the best React courses for now. Practices are pretty fun and you can develop your own web application in a short time. For being sure, check out course ratings.

15. Advanced React & GraphQL, by Wes Bos

Are you at the intermediate level? Time to rise. If you are looking for advanced training, I recommend Wes Bos’ course. Wes combines React with GraphQL, Apollo and Prisma interface. So you’re starting to make developments not only with React but with many technologies.

Would you like to use React with GraphQL, Apollo, and Prisma? I suggest this one of the best React courses become an expert developer. Wes focuses on modern JavaScript and says you need an Intermediate level knowledge before you buy this course.

My two cents:

If this training was on Udemy, it would be one of the best React courses. Because I didn’t see a good course at the advanced level. With Wes’s systematic curriculum and the philosophy of learning by doing, you can become a full-stack developer.

16. Full-Stack Web Apps with Meteor and React, by Andrew Mead

Would you like to be able to develop full-stack web applications with the latest technologies of 2019? The Meteor and React duo are one of the best to develop amazing applications. Andrew Mead (yes, again) teaches in detail: How you can develop applications with this duo?

This course will turn you a full-stack developer. Want to develop real-world applications in a very short time? You can buy this course and learn the newest technologies like Meteor, MongoDB, Heroku, Mocha, Node and more. But my suggestion, if you don’t know React, you should make a solid start with the courses above!

My two cents:

Have you learned the basics? Can you develop something? Then meet Meteor and create amazing things with this duo! Andrew is a pretty good trainer and this course is the right choice after the basic training!

17. Node with React: Fullstack Web Development, by Stephen Grider

Want to learn the two most popular JavaScript technologies together? Thanks to this React JavaScript tutorial –published by Stephen Grider in 2019-, you will be able to develop amazing applications in a short time. With Stephen, you’ll learn about NodeJS, Redux, Express, and MongoDB. In addition, during the lessons of each topic, you will practice with sample apps.

I have to warn you before you buy this course, you need to know the basics of React and Redux. So, you need experience in web development too. Otherwise, you may have difficulty because this is an Intermediate level course.

My two cents:

With Node and React, you can develop fast, stable and robust applications. If you think you know the fundamentals, this is definitely you need to get to the next level.

18. Advanced React and Redux, by Stephen Grider

One of the best React courses for an advanced level? With Wes Bos, absolutely. Do you want to be an expert? If you think you’ve learned the basics, Stephen Grider’s advanced training is just right for you. This is one of Udemy’s highest rated courses. With Stephen, you’ll learn to build APIs using Express, Mongo and Passport, develop test environments and make stable, rock solid apps.

Before buying Stephen’s advanced React and Redux course with 90% off, it is very important that you have knowledge at least intermediate level. Otherwise, you may not understand the topics!

My two cents:

Stephen is one of Udemy’s most successful instructors. With over 21 hours of video content, this course teaches you everything with details. I think it’s a great choice to go a step forward. A discount coupon is also available.

19. React JS Web Development – The Essentials Bootcamp, by David Joseph Katz

This course, with more than 55,000 students, is one of the best React courses of 2019. But why? Because, with this amazing training course –updated for 2019-, you can learn from scratch. If you want to be an expert in anything, you must first learn the basics correctly and comprehensively. David teaches you fundamentals in depth. You can also see by reading reviews that you are a highly successful trainer.

In the course, you develop many React apps with David and reinforce what you have learned in accordance with the philosophy of learning by doing. Also, course ratings good too. Looking for basic training from scratch for full stack web development? Then definitely buy this course with lifetime access.

My two cents:

All you need for this course is to be familiar with JavaScript. Not more. Because David is telling you in detail. Want to make a solid start + certification? You will definitely be the right choice.

20. MERN Stack Front To Back, by Brad Traversy

I’ve mentioned Brad Traversy before. Free React crash course content is a great starting tool in my opinion. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive React JavaScript tutorial, you should also buy Brad’s training kit. This course is not just a starter kit. This course is what you need to develop global applications in a short time using MERN Stack and to master the entire JavaScript ecosystem as a professional.

Brad gives you fundamentals too, but my advice is to know the basics of both technologies. So, if you want to be able to learn the most popular JavaScript technologies in 2019 and develop amazing apps, I recommend MERN Stack Front To Back with a discount coupon.

My two cents:

Do you want to use all the tools in the JavaScript ecosystem together? MERN Stack is indispensable for every developer in 2019 and beyond. I think it’s one of the best React courses with full-stack partners and you should definitely buy it.

21. React JS, Angular & Vue JS – Quickstart & Comparison, by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

In fact, I should have recommended this to you at the beginning, but not a problem. Before you start learning and digging “the best way to learn React“, you need to understand exactly what it is. Maximilian makes comparisons with React’s biggest competitors, and also explains in detail what you can do with these technologies.

If you have not yet decided, and you are interested in competitors such as Angular, Vue, you should take a look at this. I think this is one of the best React courses for a quick start and compare.

My two cents:

If you know JavaScript and you haven’t yet decided what you need to learn next, before digging best online React courses, buy this. Maximilian will help you step by step with more than 8 hours of video content, detailed comparisons and more.

22. The Complete Course – Build Modern Web Apps, by Rob Percival

If you want to learn how to build robust, stable and fast React apps and work on full stack web development, working with a framework is one of the best ways to do this. Thanks to Rob’s The Complete React Js & Redux Course, you can learn these topics in a short time. You will also learn more about Router. In addition, if you do not have any experience in web development before, do not worry. Rob teaches you a step-by-step basis.

My two cents:

This course is different from the others because it is also suitable for beginners. There are ES6 courses in the introduction. In addition, Firebase, JSX, Components topics are very successful.

23. Build an app with React, Redux and Firestore from scratch, by Neil Cummings

I’ve listed many courses here for you. In addition, I say they are the best React courses in 2019. But you shouldn’t forget, not just me, the students who buy the courses say the same thing. This course, published by Neil Cummings, is one of the best for its students, although it is not very popular.

Would you like to build amazing apps using React, Redux, and Firestore? I recommend you to buy this course with huge video content of more than 24.5 hours. Build an app with React, Redux, and Firestore from scratch has definitely a good curriculum and you need to this to learn the basics in detail and to go one more step.

My two cents:

The most successful point of the course is that there is no doubt that it contains lots of practice. Through the challenges and practices, you can consolidate everything you learn theoretically. It is good to have basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before you buy the course.

24. Training for JavaScript Beginners, by Rob Merrill

Looking for Udemy React training or search on Google: best React courses for beginners? Believe me, this is the right choice for you. If you have experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but want to make a solid start, you can learn the basics from Rob. ES6, JSX, Functional Components, Props, Filter and more are waiting for you.

If you are a developer and experienced in full stack web development, you should never buy this course. Because it will be very easy for you. This training set is quite slow and teaches fundamentals in detail. There are also mini-practices at the end of each course.

My two cents:

Have you learned JavaScript yet? Aren’t you very experienced? So this course can both consolidate your knowledge of JavaScript and help you make a solid start. I think Rob’s is one of the best React courses 2019 for, especially beginners.

25. The Gatsby Masterclass, by Reed Barger

Want to buy Udemy React course for the advanced level? Then let’s learn Gatsby. With Gatsby, you will be able to develop React apps effectively. One of the most popular frameworks of 2019 and I can certainly say that it is very successful. If you’re looking for an advanced training kit, you can buy this course with a discount coupon and take one step further.

Throughout the course, you will build a blog software and online store. So, from a practical standpoint, I can say that this training set is great. If you know intermediate level Reactjs and are experienced, you should definitely buy it.

My two cents:

Do you want to use this framework more easily and effectively? Then you must know Gatsby. If you think you’ve had enough experience, go a step further with Reed and use Gatsby for developing amazing apps.

26. Server Side Rendering with React and Redux, by Stephen Grider

Do you know how to optimize apps on the server side? Stephen Grider teaches you to develop applications using React Router & Redux and make them more successful with Server Side Rendering. Search Engine Optimization is a very important issue, especially for web applications. Therefore, you should work carefully on this issue and adapt to the things you have developed to the criteria.

Before buying Server Side Rendering with React and Redux with 90% off, you must have experience and be a professional web developer. This is not a beginner crash course. If you want to take another step to specialize, I suggest. Because I think this is one of the best React courses for Server Side Rendering.

My two cents:

I’m not going to tell you more about how successful Stephen is. If you are looking for advanced training, this course is one of them and perhaps the best.

27. React Front To Back, by Brad Traversy

I had a look at Brad’s Advanced MERN course. Next, there is a great course for beginners from scratch. I think it’s quite successful if you want to learn the basics and develop applications in a short time. There are also lessons on Firestore and it is very suitable for those who want to make a solid start.

With 12 years of experience, Brad details everything from beginner to intermediate for you. However, he also suggests that you are familiar with HTML and JavaScript. Otherwise, you may not understand much from the lessons.

My two cents:

Need to learn the basics and progress quickly? I’ve shared Brad’s free React course, you can see the style of expression by watching and if you like it, you can buy this course with a 90% discount coupon. I think one of the courses that need to be watched.

28. Learn by building and deploying production ready app, by Dimi Mikadze

Previously, I said that the best way to learn something was to practice. Plenty of practical lessons and more await you on this course. If you want to develop your skills and take another step after JavaScript, Dimi can help you. Only 2.5 hours of video content is available and can be described as the crash course.

But I have to warn you. The trainer says that this course is not for everyone. If you are a JavaScript developer and want to learn Reactjs, buy this course. If you don’t know JavaScript, the lessons will be pointless for you.

My two cents:

Looking for practical training? Dimi’s course prepared for you and if you know JavaScript, you can easily learn. Of course, the video content is too short and you might think it’s not worth the money, but my advice is to read the comments before you think about it.

29. The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, Router & More), by Colt Steele

Colt Steele’s new course The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, Router & More) is the highest rated React JS course on Udemy. This boot camp published in April 2019 and especially about Hooks. Colt follows the same curriculum his in-person boot camp and during the course, you’ll build amazing projects.

My two cents:

I don’t talk too much on The Modern Bootcamp, because already I reviewed in depth. You can access my review and also I shared 93% discount coupon for you.

30. React Styled Components Tutorial and Project Course, by John Smilga

If you want to learn styled components in depth, you should check John Smilga’s Styled Components Tutorial and Project Course. It has 7+ hours video and during the course, you learn to build React application with styled components step by step. You need just basic knowledge.

My two cents:

Have some experience with front end and advanced features? Then you can take this course and build interesting web apps.

31. Serverless React with AWS Amplify – The Complete Guide, by Reed Barger

Reed Barger is a rising star of Udemy. His web development courses are absolutely good and if you want to learn advanced concepts and use with AWS Amplify, Serverless React with AWS Amplify – The Complete Guide is an excellent solution.

With Reed, you can learn to build amazingly robust, powerful and serverless React applications. I think basic understanding is the best part and students feedbacks also too good.

You can build fast and full stack React application with using major AWS services like Lambda, Amplify and more. Also, during the course you’ll build two real world apps with Reed.

My two cents:

React ecosystem with AWS? No doubt, it’s amazing. If you want to learn how to run your app serverless and faster, also use AWS technologies, you can download Reed’s Serverless React with AWS Amplify – The Complete Guide with 93% discount coupon.

32. Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL), by Andrei Neagoie

Udemy React JS category is growing with top-notch courses. One of them is Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL), by Andrei Neagoie. His web development courses always highest-rated and this course is amazing for beginners. During the course, you’ll learn and build step by step.

The biggest difference: Andrei’s React course has just one project. You’ll build an e-commerce web app from scratch and I like this way. Because, almost every course has 5+ projects, but these are not completely real-world. In my opinion, this is literally a real-world web app.

My two cents:

Andrei is one of the best instructors on Udemy and if you have some experience on web development and want to learn React JS, you can make a solid start, even access advanced level with Complete React Developer in 2019 (w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL).

By the way, Want to Learn Vue JS in 2019?

I’ll share the best courses on specific categories every week and Vue JS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks of 2019. Because it’s quite easy and has a simpler structure than other frameworks. If you are interested in best React courses 2019, you should take a look at Vue. I’ve listed the best Vue courses for you before.

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