Become a Copywriter With No Experience

Become A Copywriter With NO Experience

Become a Copywriter With No Experience

How can you start your copywriting journey without clients? And how do you get clients without a portfolio? Building a copywriting portfolio from scratch can seem daunting without any experience. What steps can you take to create a compelling portfolio that showcases your skills effectively?

Let me share five tips on copywriting to help you build a portfolio from scratch. If you're new to copywriting and feeling stuck, this write-up can give you ideas to get started.

Do An Experience & Skills Round-Up

Most of the time, people tend to underestimate the experience they already have in the books, and don’t realize that copywriting is not just writing! Half of the actual work happens before the copy ever gets written.

Well, it’s the researching, the ideating, the conceptualizing, and the strategizing that happens long before you put a pen to paper, or fingers to keys. And even if you’re young and have little job experience, you weren’t born yesterday!

So, if you’ve ever written a report or contributed to an online newspaper or publication. If you used to write memos or briefs or presentation decks in your previous job. Or, if you used to work in a related role such as social media or project management where writing was required. These are all related skills that you can add to your portfolio!

Yes, carry as much forward from your previous work experience or education as you can. Even if they’re not specifically related to copywriting!

Join A Practical Copywriting Program

Great copywriting courses don’t just teach you the right techniques and show you the best templates but they actually help you write copy. So, one day you can walk away with key assets and samples and that you can then add to your portfolio. Even if it’s not something you were paid to do.

You’ll always want to be clear in your portfolio that those writing assets were from a program (and not from a paid client). Trust me the main thing your potential clients care about is your ability to hook, connect, engage, and compel them with your copy. At the end, they need you to be the voice and the messenger for their brand.

So if you come forward with an amazing portfolio full of copywriting pieces that showcase your ability, it really doesn’t matter where they come from.

Rewrite or Critique Existing Copy

Yes, there is absolutely no harm in reaching out to companies that are hiring (or are potentially hiring) to offer some free copy editing or critiquing as a way to get their attention and lead with value.

As a newbie copywriter, send quick reviews to potential clients so that they can get a preview of your work and expertise. It can just be a quick email with 3 to 5 tips on how they can improve their homepage copy, and then of course offer to help them re-write it! What worse could they say? They could say no thanks.