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Looking for Online AWS training?

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service platform that provides computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functional services. And this cloud system is the first choice of millions of companies. So, yes. This is why AWS training courses are very popular.

Big companies’ adaptation to the Cloud is growing rapidly. In addition, new companies start their business with cloud systems. Therefore, in almost all areas, cloud is becoming increasingly popular. AWS is one of the most widely used cloud systems.

AWS Stats 2018

And guess what? The average annual salary of an AWS certified employee is $116,094.

If you want one of these certificates, you are in the right place. First, let’s define the certificates. Next, I’ll give you information on AWS certification jobs.

You’ll be able to get your certificate in a short time with AWS training resources and practice exams.

Trust me.


About AWS Certifications

AWS certificates are valid for two years and you must take the exam again after two years. Certificates are offered on a role-based basis.

AWS Certification Roadmap

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is known as a starter kit. The exam is testing your knowledge of the cloud.

  • How much do you know about this Amazon product?
  • How well do you know the terminology and concepts?

By taking this exam, you can measure your information and at the same time access the Foundational role. You have to master issues such as cloud concepts, security and technology, billing and pricing.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Those who receive this certificate have qualifications on AWS for making and distributing reliable and stable applications. Therefore, it is recommended that you have at least one year of experience before taking the exam.

If you have the ability to develop cost-effective, scalable and available applications on AWS, you can take the exam and become AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

To become an AWS Certified developer you need to be able to develop and debug cloud-based applications. It is very important to know a high level programming language.

Besides, Amazon recommends at least one year experience. I’ll recommend online AWS training courses about developer certification below.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

You can become a certified SysOps Administrator by taking this exam, which measures your information on deployment, management, and operations on AWS. It is known to be particularly suitable for expert system administrators. Your technical information is important for getting the SysOps administrator certificate.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Do you have high-level technical skills? Can you successfully design AWS-based applications? Then, time to be professional.

To be a professional on AWS, you need to have this certificate. In order to have this certificate, your advanced technical knowledge is measured in such subjects as system design and application distribution.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

If you already have the Developer or SysOps certificate, this certificate is absolutely great to be able to move to a higher level! Your technical expertise, managing and operating in AWS environments should be combined with at least two years of experience.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

This exam in the Specialty category is for all security professionals who can make AWS safer. If you’re a security expert, you can do more to make AWS environment safer, and you can take this exam & get the certificate. In addition, we have shared the best courses for you about AWS Certified Security training.

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty

Interested in Big data? Do you want to be an AWS certified Big Data expert? Deep Learning has acquired an important place in cloud systems, and AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty is one of the certificates that analysts are now seeking most.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Are you dealing with complex networks? If you can design hybrid IT architectures, this certificate is for you. By taking the exam that measures your technical skills, you can get the Advanced Networking certificate.

Now that we’ve provided information on certificates, we can start listing resources!

Online AWS Training Resources

aws logo

To get AWS certification, you need a great deal of knowledge about the cloud. In addition, there is also plenty of practice.

I know, you’ll ask me: “Are these resources provides to all of them?

Yeah, I think so. I have listed the best AWS certification training courses for you. In addition, I’ll share AWS practice exams and sample questions in the next big topic.

Cloud Academy – AWS Training Library

Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is a well-known platform for cloud training. Many companies also use this platform as a team. In addition, it has a huge training library for AWS cloud certification.

Many Cloud Academy reviews say that this platform is one of the best. I think it’s definitely among the best.

Well, what does this platform offer us?

AWS for Beginners

getting started with aws

You know nothing about AWS? Before taking the AWS Certification course, take a look at the Cloud Academy. These courses, prepared by Andrew Larkin, Stuart Scott and many other experts, allow you to make a solid start to AWS in a short time.

What we have listed above and more are waiting for you in the beginning classes of Cloud Academy.

AWS Certification Courses

aws certification courses

Among the most popular courses at Cloud Academy are AWS Certifications courses. For each certificate, there are updated trainings for 2019.

Each of these trainings contains more than 20 hours of lessons. In addition, not only theoretical but practical experience is also provided. At the end of each lesson, you reinforce what you have learned with practices and quizzes.

Also, there is a great exam simulator in the Cloud Academy.

AWS Labs

aws labs

If you are looking for real-time AWS training, Cloud Academy will be one of the best choice for you! Hundreds of hands-on labs are here to gain experience.

For example, you are establishing VPN connections using VPC Dynamic Routing. Or doing serverless web development in AWS. If you want to do your first AWS practice while studying, Cloud Academy is the right choice. In addition, new hands-on labs are added every week!

To Sum Up

Cloud Academy helps you with AWS certification training and more. Exam simulation system is quite successful. Also, it is a great detail that you can reinforce what you have learned through the hands-on lab at the end of each lesson.

Best AWS certification training online? Maybe, but I will continue to list as good as Cloud Academy. Continue reading before making your decision.

Linux Academy – Online AWS Certification Training

linux academy

Do you want learn the latest cloud skills?

Linux Academy is one of the leading platforms for online AWS training courses and has more than 348 hours of video lessons in categories such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, as well as hands-on AWS labs.

Let’s talk about the Linux Academy features in general.

Level-based AWS Training Courses

beginner courses

Linux Academy is one of the best platforms for AWS training and certification. Courses are systematically presented as level-based. First you determine your level, then you can create a learning path.

For example, if you have no knowledge of AWS, you start with beginner courses. But, if you have experience with AWS, it would be a good choice to start with Intermediate courses.

In this way, you can experience a complete learning. In addition, experts are always on hand to help you. They support you.

AWS Certification Training

certification training

You can find training on all AWS certificates at the Linux Academy. Level-based courses include certificate courses. For example, AWS Cloud Practitioner Training, which is at the beginner level, is one of them.

Therefore, each certificate training in the Linux Academy is also categorized by levels. This is a very successful system.

You ask why? Let me explain with a scenario.

You want to get a Solution Architect certificate. For this you need AWS Solution Architect certification training. This training is at Intermediate level.

However, when you look at the Beginner level, you see that there are many things you don’t yet know about.

What should you do?

Pretty simple. First of all, you should learn the topics and then start the Solution Architect course.

Therefore, the level-based course and certification system is very successful in my opinion.

Cloud Servers

cloud servers linux academy

Every member of the Linux Academy has six cloud servers. These servers, which you can use simultaneously, are dedicated to you. So, whenever you need to practice, you can use these servers. Also, you don’t need to pay an additional fee!

Practice Exams & Quizzes

linux academy hands-on lab

It’s impossible to learn the cloud system just by watching videos. You need to practice a lot. For practical purposes, the Linux Academy has great offers. At the end of each lesson, quizzes and challenges are waiting for you.

Besides, a practical exam, especially for certification courses, is a great option to test what you’ve learned! The questions are prepared by experts and are quite similar to the AWS certification exam questions.

To Sum Up

Looking for AWS SysOps certification training or AWS Security certification training? In fact, it doesn’t matter which certificate training you’re looking for.

Linux Academy does not only offer you training on certificates. This platform publishes certification trainings, as well as beginner to advanced training courses about AWS. So you can find everyting on AWS.

A Cloud Guru – AWS Cloud Training Courses

a cloud guru logo

A Cloud Guru is one of the most reliable training platforms that recently updated AWS certification training courses for 2019. They follow the exam updates every year. Thus, they offer courses with the most up-to-date information. If you’re looking for AWS training videos in 2019, there’s more to A Cloud Guru!

Multi-Based AWS Cloud Training System

aws courses by a cloud guru

A Cloud Guru has a multi-based cloud training system. In this way, you can easily access to the courses you want using many filters. Topics, levels, role, instructor are just some of them.

AWS online training is a fairly large category. That’s why I liked this filtering system. If you have a favorite instructor on the platform, you can choose it.

Or, for example, if you are looking for AWS SysOps certification training, you can access the relevant courses using the Role filter.

Quite simple and constantly updated courses. Who wouldn’t want to be trained on such a platform?

Online AWS Training Courses for Certification

a cloud guru aws certification courses

You don’t need to search AWS certification training near me on Google. Continuous current courses for each certificate await you at A Cloud Guru. You want a security certificate? How about passing this exam with a 12-hour course?

A Cloud Guru, one of the outstanding platforms for AWS Training online, offers detailed training for each certificate. With this platform, there are many people who are certified.

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ACG Projects

acg projects

One of the most special options of the platform is known as ACG Projects. Would you like a little more than Hands-on Labs? ACG Projects is definitely a great success to sharpen your skills. It’s always a lot of fun to build something with brand new videos.

If you are looking for a fast and enjoyable way to improve your skills, ACG Projects is calling you with experimental work.

AWS This Week

aws this week

I’ve mentioned that A Cloud Guru is always up to date, right? One of the most important evidence is that they publish weekly videos about innovations in cloud systems. AWS This Week is one of them.

You can follow this series and others to be aware of the innovations in cloud systems.

AWS Exam Simulator

aws exam simulator

Have you completed AWS training courses? Did you successfully complete the quizzes and challenges offered in the course?


Now it’s time to try yourself in the AWS practice exam simulator.

Quite close to a real exam experience and questions are constantly updated. Moreover, at the end of the exam you can see your mistakes and your success rate. Detailed statistics and question solutions are also shared with you.

To Sum Up

One of the most successful platforms for AWS online training is A Cloud Guru. I think the most important detail is the continuously updated course system. Besides, the exam simulator tool and its special contents are also great features of this platform.

Let’s go next?

Global Knowledge – AWS Training Courses

global knowledge AWS courses

Global Knowledge is an official AWS partner. They have been publishing courses as virtual clasroom for a long time. Without a doubt, you can find the most accurate and up-to-date lessons here. If you want to take AWS certification courses from an official platform, Global Knowledge will be a good choice. However, it is obvious that courses are a bit expensive.

Online AWS Certification Training Classrooms

aws partner

If you have a Global Knowledge Center in your city, you can also take one-to-one lessons there. However, online classes will also offer you the same information. You can attend periodic online trainings on all AWS certificates.

Is Global Knowledge worth your money? Obviously having an official partner is a huge advantage. You can find the current questions, topics and more about the exams in GK.

AWS Certification Quizzes and Resources

aws ninja

Global Knowledge AWS training is one of the best and they also offer a quiz to test your information and determine where to start. You can join this quiz for free. In addition, there are great contents about AWS in the resource library. Don’t forget to read them!

To Sum Up

If you are looking for AWS training classes, GK offers both virtual classroom and normal classroom service as an official partner. You can get the certificate you want in a short time by taking the training from the experts in GK.

 Edureka – Live AWS Training Classes


Edureka is one of the most preferred platforms for cloud courses. You ask why? Because they keep following you. They care about your development process. They warn you when you’re not practicing. For more reasons, I can say that Edureka is #1 online training.

What do they offer you about AWS? Let’s see.

Certification Courses

edureka aws

If you are looking for online AWS training, Edureka offers great courses according to certificate programs. Thanks to these comprehensive courses, you can receive your desired AWS certificate in a short time. The courses for Architect, SysOps, DevOps and more are not just about theory.

Each course is broadcast with live class system. In this way, you can contact your instructor at any time. But if you miss lessons, you don’t have to worry about it. Because Edureka is being uploaded for you and then you can watch it again.

Masters Program

masters program

You want to improve yourself not only on AWS, but on many issues? So Edureka’s master programs are definitely for you.

For example, the Cloud Architect Masters Program offers you 11 different courses on this subject. You can think of a package from the beginning to the expertise. The best part of these programs is that they include AWS certification training.

Surely it’s a bit expensive, but if you’re starting from scratch and looking for a package within the certification course, Masters Program is for you.

Real-World Projects

Edureka Real World Projects

Real World Projects is one of the platform’s most popular services. Continuously updated by Edureka. Each of these projects prepared by industry experts is very successful. You can learn AWS theoretically, but do you know what problems you might face in the industry? With Real World Projects, you will be prepared for these problems.

Quizzes & Assignments

edureka practices

You will buy not only a theoretical training, but also a training that you can practice consistently. Challenges and exercises await you at the end of almost every module. Also, one of Edureka’s favorite features is that it follows you. If you haven’t done the practices, it warns you and thus reinforces what you have learned.

To Sum Up

Would you like to get a comprehensive AWS Cloud training? With the Live Class system, Edureka promises you an efficient and enjoyable learning process. Also, you’ll be able to practice everything you learn with practices, quizzes, challenges, real world projects and more.

If you are looking for AWS online certification training, check out Edureka.

You will find much more. (:

Udemy – Highly Recommended Online AWS Training Courses


Have you seen Udemy AWS training courses? If you think that Cloud Academy and similar platforms are expensive, check out Udemy’s discount courses. I chose the best for you. If you read reviews on these courses, you can see that many participants have received a certificate. So, don’t think of it as simple and unsuccessful courses.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

a cloud guru udemy

Ryan Kroonenburg is the founder of A Cloud Guru. In Udemy, there are courses they publish with this brand. Instead of signing up for A Cloud Guru, you can also prepare for the exam by attending these courses.

Do you want to get Solutions Architect certificates? This course is for you. Ryan and Faye has about 400,000 students and this training is the bestseller in Udemy. Updated recently in 2019 and one of the best sources for AWS Solutions Architect exam.

If you don’t believe me, check the comments and see the students who get the certificate.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate 2019

a cloud guru sysops

If you’re looking for SysOps certificate courses, check out A Cloud Guru’s other course at Udemy. Thanks to this wonderful course updated for 2019, you will be able to get your certificate in the next exam.

The course includes more than 14 hours of video content, quizzes and practices. But they’re not so much. Therefore, I suggest you to find platforms where you can practice in addition to the course.

Amazon Web Services Certified – 4 Certifications!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified

This course, prepared by BackSpace Academy, is among the most preferred. The reason is obvious: it prepares you for 4 certification exams.

To date, more than 45,000 students have bought this course. When I look at the comments, it can be seen as a very successful course. In addition, this course is updated according to the AWS exams every month.

Video labs and AWS practice exams are also included in the course. So, if you are looking for a cheap and comprehensive AWS online training, buy this course absolutely!

Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2019 – NEW!

Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2019 - NEW!

Want to know Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, Security and more? How about becoming an AWS Certified Developer? Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2019, by Stephane Maarek offers you everything you need. Thanks to this course, you can get AWS Developer certificate in a short time.

Courses starting at $10.99 for this Festa Junina!

This online AWS training includes PDFs and slides with comprehensive information. Besides, an AWS practice exam is waiting for you at the end of the course.

I propose to those who want to become an AWS certified developer.

AWS Certified Security Specialty 2019

AWS Certified Security Specialty 2019

This course, prepared by Zeal Vora, is for those who want to have a Security Specialty certificate. Nearly 4,000 students who bought this course last updated in 2019 are very satisfied.

Particularly the last part of the course provides detailed information about what you need to pay attention to in the exam. In this way, you feel more comfortable when you take the exam.

Free Online AWS Training Resources

AWS Training Free

If you are looking for Free AWS training and you want to make a solid start before buying the above courses; follow me. I will share great courses with you. The best part is that these courses are offered by quality platforms such as Edureka, CBT Nuggets and more.

With these courses you can learn basic information about AWS.

Official & Free AWS Training for Certification

aws training free is officially published by Amazon and you can find free digital lessons. There are no restrictions, and you can attend to these courses at any time, for any certification or to improve yourself on AWS. These courses are offered by AWS experts in different languages. In particular, these courses are enough for us to receive cloud practitioners and similar initial certificates.

Free AWS Tutorial For Beginners, by Edureka

On Edureka’s Youtube channel, you can find lots of resources for AWS training. You can learn a lot from each video. Besides, discount coupons are also available on Youtube.

Looking for Free and comprehensive AWS training courses? Don’t forget to check out this channel.

Free AWS Certifications Roadmap for Everyone

You want to receive AWS certification, but don’t know which certificate is best for you? With this video prepared by Linux Academy, how about creating your road map?

In this video, free of charge, there are detailed descriptions of each certificate. Whichever job you have, which certificate you need to be explained in a comprehensive way.

If you don’t have a road map and are confused, watch this video.

Free AWS Exam Tips: Certified Solutions Architect

I came across this video on YouTube and I think it’s very useful. Especially those who want to be AWS Certified Solutions Architect must watch this video! Because, she explains the exam tactics and detailed information on how to study for the exam.

Free AWS Essentials Training, by Linux Academy

Did you know there are free AWS training programs available from the Linux Academy? If you don’t know, I suggest you subscribe to the Linux Academy Youtube channel right away. Because there are more than 40 free AWS training videos here.

If you’d like to learn the AWS fundamentals in a free way, the Linux Academy will be a good choice.

Online AWS Practice Exam Resources

aws practice exam resources

It is impossible to prepare for the AWS certification exam with only theoretical knowledge. You have to solve a lot of questions and practice. You have this chance on platforms like Cloud Academy, but if you’ve only taken theoretical AWS training courses from platforms like Udemy, you’ll also need a practice exam to get certificate.

In the table below, I shared a lot of free and paid AWS practice exam resources for you.

FAQ About AWS Training Courses

cloud computing

AWS training courses are quite popular nowadays. Therefore, every day, dozens of questions are asked. I have compiled the most popular of these questions and answered them for you. These answers consist entirely of my personal views. Therefore, I suggest you read many answers on Quora and similar platforms, not just the answers given here.

Cloud Academy vs. Linux Academy?

This is one of the most common questions I have encountered. It is very difficult to make a comparison. Because they both have almost the same qualities. Both platforms have trial packages. I think the most important detail is the instructors. Take the trial packages on both platforms, and listen to the instructors’ narratives, styles. In this way, you can meet the instructors you can easily understand and decide which platform is right for you.

Where can I get the best training for AWS?

It’s completely up to you. First, decide which certificate you want in AWS. Then, check out the courses I shared for each certificate. Join the course that interests you. Many platforms have a trial membership. In addition, Udemy also has a 30-day money back guarantee. So first determine your level, then decide which certificate you want and then choose the course. Thus, you can access the best AWS training course.

What is the best online training for AWS?

If you are looking for a comprehensive source of online training and don’t know anything about AWS, I have 3 suggestions for you.

  • A Cloud Guru
  • Linux Academy
  • Cloud Academy

These three platforms can turn you into a fully equipped AWS expert.

Which will be the best course online for AWS DevOps certification?

There is no specific and singular “best” course on AWS DevOps certification. First of all you need to have a good knowledge of AWS. On platforms like Cloud Academy and Edureka, there are many trainings from basic level to expert. Once you’ve joined them, you can get DevOps Certification training courses on those platforms.

What are the best AWS (Amazon Web Services) tutorials online?

If you are looking for free AWS Certification tutorial resources, is a good choice. In addition, I shared other resources with you in the section of free options.


I have compiled and shared the online AWS training courses 2019 for you. I also recommend that you take a look at the practice exam resources. You can take advantage of these courses if you want to have one of the AWS certificates. I hope these courses will help you get your certificates! I’ll continue to update the content throughout the year. See you!

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